Can you smell fish?

Yesterday’s coastal walk blew some pretty stubborn cobwebs away and my lungs were professionally cleaned with fresh, salty, fishy air. Anyone who knows me will be reminded of my absolute disgust at the smell of fish. “So why do you want to spend 326 days smelling it?” was one quip when my walk was announced. It is a good point but one that seems slightly familiar to me. I am scared of heights but for most of my life was desperate to do a parachute jump. 10,000 ft skydive was achieved in 2012 and it wasn’t scary at all. The girly screams as we plummeted were just part of the experience and I felt I had to play along with that.
So back to fish, yes it is a strange thing that I should want to surround myself with that smell for such a long period of time but its the walk that will be my focus and even if I have to put a peg on my nose for 5000 miles, I will do it. (Maybe an extra sponsorship day? Peg day?)

Thank you so so much Janet and Steve from Holland-On-Sea) for putting me up and putting up with me. Bacon sandwich and a cup of tea looking out to sea…Yum. You are both wonderful 🙂
Here are some pics from Holland-On-Sea, a beautiful stretch of coastline but shhh, keep it a secret.
Kieran Sandman.

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